Harris Precision Mold


Harris Precision Mold utilizes state-of-the-art System 3R robotics, System 3R work-holding, and machine tools to automate electrode manufacturing, steel hard milling, detail milling, EDM sinker, EDM wire and mold base manufacturing. Our full line of high-precision tool room grinders, with implementation of automatic surface grinding utilizing System 3R work-holding pallets. Fully-equipped, modern grinding facility and in-house polishing area tooled with emphasis on ultra-high precision manufacturing.

CNC Milling Machining

Sodick 650 High-Speed Linear Motor Hard Milling Machine with System 3R WorkMaster Robot
Sodick 430 High-Speed Linear Motor Hard Milling Machine
Matsuura 660 HSM 
(2) Makino F5 High Speed Machining Center 20K RPM
(1) Makino F5 Pro6 Machining Center 30K RPM

CNC Die-Sinking EDM

(2) Sodick AG40L with Automated Sodick Electrode Tool Changer
(2) Sodick AG40L with System 3R WorkMaster Electrode Tool Changer


Sodick SL600G EDM Wire Machine
(2) Makino U32J EDM Wire Machine
Belmont Micro Hole Driller CNC SY-3040 with automatic electrode tool changer

CNC Grinding

Okamoto DXNC 6x18
Okamoto EX 12x24
(7) High Precision Mitsui Grinders

Laser Engraving 

TroTec Speed Marker 1300 Laser Marking / Engraving / Cutting

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