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Harris Precision Mold

Harris Precision Mold designs and builds high-quality, Class 101 plastic injection molds for the medical, pharmaceutical, and packaging markets. We specialize in multi-shot and unscrewing molds, as well as any mold that requires custom and innovative design approaches to produce complex parts. We pride ourselves on our teamwork, creativity, and commitment to the highest quality molds in the industry.

Our main facility in Tempe provides engineering and inspection services and builds our high-cavitation production molds. Our Utah division is integrated to provide support to the Tempe facility, while serving the repair and tooling needs of companies throughout the western US.
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We are a member of the American Mold Builders Association, and proud to manufacture in the USA.

Our mission statement: To promote a profitable environment where innovative professionals continually improve the mold building industry by delivering unequaled quality, value and commitment to our customers, support to our suppliers, respect to the community, security to our families, and honor to ourselves.

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